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October 8, 2020

Covid Reality Check: 3 Challenges Your Hotel Website Must Overcome

Regional travel is picking up. Here’s a game plan for optimizing your hotel website and marketing during the pandemic.


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What’s in the Guide?
There are 3 challenges your website and marketing must overcome to book guests. This guide walks you through how to address and overcome the 3 key challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic:
    1. Demand is Down, and Competition is Up: You can’t afford to have your website miss the mark, this guide points out exactly what your website needs for optimal bookings.
    2. Booking Windows are Shorter, and Guest’s Travel Radius is Smaller: Are you marketing specifically to this pool of guests with the right content and offers?
    3. Guest Needs & Expectations are Forever Changed: The Covid-19 pandemic requires that your website be very clear and reassuring in light of guest expectations.

Download this guide and get your bookings on track!

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