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October 16, 2018

Announcing the InnSpeak Podcast

Introducing the InnSpeak Podcast

I’m very excited to announce the InnSpeak podcast! Listen to the first 2 episodes right here! (scroll down)

InnSpeak is a podcast for innkeepers and independent hoteliers. We feature interviews & conversations with innkeepers, industry leaders, and marketers all devoted to the business of hospitality. You’ll hear from guests that have the knowledge innkeepers need to improve their business.

Check out the website at


Listen to the First Two Episodes!

innspeak podcast|innspeak podcast, Announcing the InnSpeak Podcast, Odysys

Episode 1: Laura Yepez of Chicago’s Wicker Park Inn

To listen in your browser – just click the play button. 


Episode 2: Julie McAferty of the Greenlake Guesthouse in Seattle, and President of the Washington Bed & Breakfast Guild

To listen in your browser – just click the play button. 

Future episodes will be coming out on Mondays. Subscribe to the InnSpeak podcast (see below) to be notified of future episodes!

I’m excited to share these great conversations with you! I will continue to produce episodes via phone interviews and in-person when I’m at annual meetings and conferences as much as possible.


How to Subscribe or Listen to Future Episodes

Want to listen to new episodes when they come out?

  • Listen / Subscribe in iTunes: Click Here
    • Or just open iTunes on your phone or computer and search iTunes for “InnSpeak Podcast” and click the Subscribe button
  • Listen / Subscribe in Google Play Music: Click Here
  • Listen / Subscribe in Spotify: Click Here
  • Listen / Subscribe in Stitcher: Click Here
  • Want to listen in your browser? Just head on over to


Follow / Subscribe to InnSpeak Podcast


InnSpeak is NOT an Odysys Podcast

You may have seen this on our Odysys Facebook page about 2 months ago.

InnSpeak is not an Odysys podcast. We felt that the best way for me to be able to meet with industry leaders, other vendors, and innkeepers that aren’t customers of Odysys is to do something under a different brand. Odysys has been kind enough to allow me to run with this side project and sponsor my efforts. We will certainly promote the podcast from time to time with our Odysys blog and social media, but InnSpeak is its own thing.


I hope you like it! If so – please share the InnSpeak Podcast with Your Fellow Innkeepers and keep an eye out for next week’s episode on Monday!


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