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Odysys is more than an agency or a software company, we are the digital marketing solution in the hospitality industry. Our background means we know what you need before you ask.

, How It Works, Odysys
, How It Works, Odysys

Meet Your Dedicated

Customer Success Guide

The first step as an Odysys customer, is meeting your Success Guide. From this point forward, their entire job is to ensure that you achieve your goals. We help you set goals, identify your ideal guests, and draft a plan as unique as your property.



, How It Works, Odysys

Identify Your Goals

& Ideal Guests

Let us know what themes and styles speak to your guests. Your customer success guide will provide recommendations to showcase your property’s different aspects and provide a game for getting your site up and running.

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Website Creation

Now that we’ve done all the hard work, the fun part begins! Stand out from your competitors with a stunning, professionally designed, mobile-friendly website.



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Performance Analytics

How do people find your website? Are your online advertisements directly influencing your website traffic? What percentage of website visitors convert to a reservation? What percentage of website browsers commit to a reservation? We use technology to track and measure key performance indicators to tell you everything you need to know about how your website is performing.

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Search Engine Optimization

It all starts when a user decides to google a topic. Maybe 'Boutique B&B' or 'Where should I stay?' Google's technology searches the internet for keywords, compelling content, and readability to deliver results to the user. We use industry best practices apply this as the foundation to your website. We ensure your property is delivered as the answer to searches.



Get Started

Launch Your Website

After we’ve set everything up and optimized your website for search engines and accessibility, we will make your new beautiful site go live. Our migration plan works to make this a stress-free transition so you can focus on your guests.

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Odysys Training

Your website is up (hooray!), and customers are browsing, but how do you know it’s working? Before we call it a day, our Customer Success Guides will walk you through your dashboard. You'll be able to navigate every aspect of your online persona easily. Who knew online marketing could be this simple?



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Generate Bookings

With a beautiful website, search engine optimization, and performance analytics, your ideal guest will land on your website and fall in love with your hotel. Before you know it, you'll exceed your revenue and occupancy goals. Want to take it a step further and excel even more?

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Ongoing Customer Support

Your customer success guide is here to make sure you succeed! We will routinely check in with you, making sure you’re best utilizing our tools and providing advice to stay up to date online. We’re also your support for any questions you may have later on.


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