Stay Local. Support Small. Book Direct.

We've designed this badge with independent lodging properties in mind. Use our custom graphic and remind visitors, social followers and email subscribers to plan their getaway locally, support small businesses, and to book direct with you!

, Stay Local Badge, Odysys

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No requirements to link to Odysys, no form to fill out, no strings attached, nothing. We only ask that you don’t alter the image itself. You are free to combine it with your own logo. Our only expectation is that you let your colleagues know about this page and that you create great marketing with it. 

Are You An Odysys Client?

We have specific instructions on how to add the badge to your website! Or shoot us a message and we’ll add your request to our queue. Head on over to this support article to get started (you must be signed in to your Odysys account to view the article).

Drive Bookings With This New Website Badge

, Stay Local Badge, Odysys
, Stay Local Badge, Odysys

What Is It?

Odysys has designed this badge for any independent lodging property to use in their marketing. The badge is designed to appeal to traveler’s desire to have a local getaway and support local business while reminding them to book direct with you. 

Why Did We Create A Badge?

The Odysys team was inspired to offer something tangible for Innkeepers while pulling together our recent guide, “Destination Recovery: How to Attract Local Travelers.”

62% of travelers say that for their next trip, they would prefer to travel to somewhere where they can support local business.

Guess what? Your property is also a local business. This badge helps remind visitor that staying at your property supports local business and this is exactly what your guests want to do! It’s a win-win!

Show Us Your Badge! We’ll Amplify Your Message.

Social Media:

  1. You: Post a message to social media promoting the badge with a message encouraging your followers to "Stay Local. Stay Small. and Book Direct" with your property. Promote your current deals & offers, blog posts, etc.
  2. You: Use the hashtag #StayLocalSupportSmallBookDirect in your message - feel free to @mention or tag Odysys as well.
  3. Odysys: We'll be following the hashtag, and when we see your post, we will help amplify your message. We'll use our social accounts to like and share your post, and we'll comment on it with a load of hashtags to help get it seen by more people!

While you’re at it, why not follow Odysys? You can also keep an eye on the hashtag yourself and help promote your peers by clicking the hashtag links below.


  1. Odysys Facebook: @odysysinc
  2. Click this link to follow the hashtag on Facebook: #StayLocalSupportSmallBookDirect


  1. Odysys Instagram: @odysys
  2. Click this link to follow the hashtag on Instagram: #StayLocalSupportSmallBookDirect

Use any other hashtag you like with your message, after all, there’s national #BookDirect day in February, and plenty of other travel related hashtags you can use to get your message out there.

Example Facebook Post

Example Facebook Post - #StayLocalSupportSmallBookDirect

Example Instagram Post

Instagram example post - #staylocalsupportsmallbookdirect

7 Other Ways to Use This Badge

1. Website - Subtle:

Add it to your website, put it in the footer alongside your social media icons or other association badges.

, Stay Local Badge, Odysys

2. Website - Bold:

Use this badge near the top of your home page, on your rooms pages, or even in a pop-up message about why guests should book directly with you, go a sterp link them to your specials page.

, Stay Local Badge, Odysys

3. Blog:

Create your own blog post highlighting how guests can visit your property and support local businesses. Maybe it’s a guide or an itinerary. Use the badge as a part of your post.

4. Social Idea 1:

Simply use this badge as the image of your post and remind/encourage your followers to book direct with you. Use #StayLocalSupportSmallBookDirect along with other hashtags.

5. Social Idea 2:

Promote your blog post or current special offer in social, or just create a post about how visiting your property also supports local business. Use #StayLocalSupportSmallBookDirect along with other hashtags.

6. Co-Marketing:

Have your association or chamber use the badge in a marketing campaign or in their own content. 

7. Merch:

Make a sticker or t-shirt on CafePress or put it on a coffee mug along with your own logo (check out for an easy online design tool).

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