, Meet the Team: Max, Odysys

September 15, 2015

Meet the Team: Max

Name: Max Skala

What I do: I operate as one-third of the development team at Odysys, where we handle the maintenance and improvement of the platform. Did something break on the platform? We'll fix it. Do a bunch of users want a certain ability or new feature? We'll build it.Max Skala

Past lives: My previous job was a similar position at a different company: Testive, Inc. in Boston, MA. Testive's mission is to bring personalized learning to every K-12 student, and they started with the one kind of learning parents of K-12 students will pay for: standardized test prep. Today, Testive has the only free repository of ACT/SAT practice questions to be found online, along with an algorithm that can predict a student's score on each section of both tests and give questions tuned to that student's current abilities. That's paired with a personal coach who meets over video chat once a week.

Hospitality background: Clearing the table and doing the dishes after meals when I lived at home.

Ideal room: A balcony with a view and a fridge full of craft beer.


Best hotel memory: Cramming two players to a bed on a rugby team trip to Las Vegas back in high school.

Hotel I'm dying to stay at: I'd give anything to return to my bamboo hut at Family Hut in Pai, Thailand.

Pro tip: Everybody appreciates some reading material in the lobby.

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