, Meet the Team: Melissa, Odysys

November 6, 2018

Meet the Team: Melissa

Odysys is proud to welcome Melissa Lopez to the team as our new Web Designer. Read on to learn more about Melissa.

Name: Melissa Lopez

What You Do at OdysysI am a Web Designer. I spend my days creating websites that are both web and mobile friendly so each user will have a great user experience. I also work on making any changes to the sites to meet the clients expectations and designing fresh new website templates.

What You Did Before Working at Odysys: I worked for a web and mobile company in Customer Support. I helped with any technical issues and making website changes. I also worked on creating new websites and an app.

, Meet the Team: Melissa, Odysys

Your Hospitality Background: I don’t have any professional experience in hospitality, but I am an active traveler. I particularly love visiting the Caribbean and Mexico.

Your Ideal Room: Clean, big, and a balcony view to the beach.

Your Best Hotel Memory: Being in a family reunion with over 40 people in Dominican Republic. It was tons of fun spending time with family while being in such a beautiful place. 

The Hotel you are Dying to Stay At: Liostasi Hotel in Cyclades Greece

A Pro Tip: Just keep everything simple and easy to follow. The easier something is to use, the more likely that customer will return and recommend it to everyone they know. 

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