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March 14, 2015

Next Stop: Independent Lodging Summit

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There’s a big circle around March 15-17 on the Odysys calendar, because that’s when we’ll be attending the Independent Lodging Summit!

The event is specifically for independent and boutique hoteliers. We’re looking forward to learning, networking, and connecting with independent hoteliers, all under the sunny Arizona skies.

The 2015 summit is the debut year for the event. Fittingly, it’s a public debut for us, too. We’ll be exhibiting at the summit and demoing* the Odysys platform. After months of hard work building Odysys, the idea of unveiling it is tremendously exciting. And yes, a little nerve-racking.

But we don’t think we could have picked a better event. The sponsors have put together a great lineup of sessions on topics from operations to revenue management, all aimed at independent hotel owners and operators. Those are the people we built Odysys for, and helping them thrive is the reason we exist.

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