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May 6, 2015

Special Offers for Special Guests

Hotel packages run the gamut from mundane to extravagant. Special offers and imaginatively bundled amenities can give guests a more memorable experience, and help drive bookings during slow times.

However, there are some creative deals out there that aren’t based on amenities or activities. To qualify for these rates, you can’t just use a specific code—and you might want to have your ID handy.

If you’re a teacher, how about a vacation at The Mast Farm Inn? The inn’s special rates for teachers are a nod to the hard work of K-12 educators, and ties nicely with the history of the inn owners: They published textbooks for more than 30 years, and founded a teacher-training nonprofit.

When planning a birthday trip, you could do worse than to spend your special day at The Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls (Ohio). Birthday guests get a cheese & cracker plate, plus a bottle of wine or bubbly. But have your ID handy, because this package is only valid on your actual birthday.

Engaged? A girls’ weekend in New York City is ready-made with the Bachelorette package at Brooklyn’s Nu Hotel.

Many inns, hotels, and B&Bs offer local rates. One example is the Cameo Heights Mansion in Washington, which has a mid-week special for locals. According the hotel website, the owners were inspired by customers who would treat themselves to a meal at the restaurant … but not a room. The website photos of locals enjoying themselves at the B&B is a fun accompanying touch.

In Vancouver, the West End Guesthouse offers a fall-winter “staycation” deal for residents of British Columbia. A bottle of wine and tickets to an art gallery or the theater sweetens the pot.

Got team spirit? A number of college-town hotels have discounts for guests attending nearby games—including the Overton Hotel in Lubbock, which has a special rate for Texas Tech students and parents.

If like to take your children to luxury hotels in New York City, hit up the WestHouse. Their “Little Resident” package includes a personalized teddy bear, milk and cookies, and a child-sized robe. Oh, and a swanky room.

Finally, the Glynn House Inn is a crowd-pleaser. In addition to the usual senior, resident, and military rates, they offer discounts for teachers, firefighters, law enforcement, solo travelers, and more.

Now, to find a hotel that offers a special rate for companies whose name begins with “O” …

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