Webinar on Covid 19: Protecting & Marketing Your Hotel Business During the Crisis

April 2, 2020 by Ben Lloyd


This video features a panel discussion for independent lodging properties and their owners, operators and marketers. The discussion covers

  1. Financial strategies and emerging aid programs available
  2. Marketing during the crisis

The panelists focus on things you can do right now, as well as being strategic about the return of guests.


  • From Odysys
    • Ben Lloyd – VP of Marketing, Strategy & Customer Success. Host, InnspeakPodcast
    • Kent Schnepp – CEO
    • Stephen Fofanoff – Sales Manager & Innkeeper
  • Rob Fulton – ALP Co-CEO www.alplodging.org

Links to Resources

Many links & resources are mentioned in the discussion, here are the pertinent links:


Financial Programs/Assistance



…And just a few nuggets from the chat during the webinar


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