Webinar on Demand: Google Analytics is Cool

October 30, 2019 by Jennifer Hansen

We had quite the turn out for our October Webinar ‘Using Google Analytics to Drive More Commission-Free Direct Bookings’.  For those who missed it, this webinar is now available on-demand for free!

Google Analytics is Cool

Using Google Analytics to Drive More Commission-Free Direct Bookings



What You Will Learn in This Webinar

Your analytics can and should contain a wealth of information about your visitors and about the effectiveness of your online marketing. 


You can and should make marketing decisions – like whether to renew that TripAdvisor business listing or whether your association membership is driving bookings. But so many innkeepers just don’t even look at their analytics and don’t know what they’re looking at, let alone have it set-up properly.


This session will not be a boring sales pitch or slide show. You will walk away from the webinar with actual tips that you can use right away!


You Will Learn:

  • A proper setup of Google Analytics including how to get ecommerce revenue tracking to work (ie: where do your bookings come from?)
  • How to use Google Analytics to drive more bookings
  • How to use Google Analytics to identify and fix a ‘leaky’ page 
  • How to use Google Analytics to understand your target audience
If you want to really hone in on your Google Analytics, then download our free guide: Google Analytics for Innkeepers.

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