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April 18, 2015

What We’re Reading

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Hotels would be wise to pay more attention to Google

Key points: OTAs are jumping on metasearch, including Google Hotel Finder. By paying more, they get more bookings driven to them from the “metamediary.”

Takeaway: As the conclusion of the article states, “Simply put, metamediaries have been quicker to identify the importance of technology, data and analytics than hotels, and they have jumped on a lucrative opportunity.”

Online payment problems are big trouble for hoteliers

Key points: Lackluster speed, security, or user experience results in nearly 50% of customers abandoning an online travel booking.

Takeaway: When you’re asking people to give you their money online, make sure you’re making the process quick, safe, and easy. The article gives several tips on how to do so.


The mobile-friendly deadline draws nearer

Key points: April 21, aka Mobilegeddon, aka the date that Google starts seriously favoring mobile-friendly websites, is almost upon us. We’ve mentioned this before.

Takeaway: At the very least, test your site’s mobile performance. Now. If your site is ready for a redesign, responsive is probably the best choice (we agree).


Take stock of your property’s “social hygiene”

Key points: Maintain good “social hygiene” by regularly engaging on a variety of platforms and encouraging and responding to user-generated content, including reviews.

Takeaway: Assess, monitor, and enhance your digital presence regularly. It matters.


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