Guide Cover: Instagram Marketing Tips

June 9, 2021

Instagram Marketing Tips for Boutique Hotels and Resorts

Let’s be honest. Tell us if this sounds like you: You are incredibly busy running your business and putting out fires. You know that posting on social media is important, and you’ve heard that Instagram marketing can be great for hotel marketing, but you aren’t sure how to make it work for your property. Can you relate? That’s okay. We can help. 

Wondering How to Promote your Hotel and Attract Guests with Instagram?

There’s no time to waste on useless Instagram posts. This guide will teach you everything you need to promote your hotel, attract guests & drive bookings using Instagram. You will work through the steps with us to formulate an Instagram strategy that works for you. Learn how to:

    1. Keep the End Goal in Mind
    2. Craft Content for Your Ideal Guest
    3. Build the Perfect Profile
    4. Pick a Visual Lane
    5. Set It and Forget It

Save time and energy on Instagram. Grab your copy now!

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