On-Demand Webinars

Using Google Analytics to Drive More Commission-Free Direct Bookings

How to set up and use Google Analytics to tell you how to improve your marketing.

Simple Busy-Season Tips to Improve Off-Season Bookings

How to put your marketing on “Autopilot” during the busy-season to improve off-season bookings.

Everything Innkeepers Need to Know About Reviews

How to get more 5-star reviews dealing with negative reviews and search engine ranking.

Everything Innkeepers Need to Know About Links for SEO

Why your website needs links for search engine rankings

and how to get them.

Website Search Engine Optimization Basics

How to target the right keywords, create the right content, and get your property’s website found.

How to Rank Better in Google’s Map Result

Step-by-Step Guide to

Ranking in the Google

“Local Pack” or “3-Pack”

Simple, No BS Guide to Online Marketing

Sick of the BS?

Want to know what really works? Watch this webinar.

Get Up to Speed on Website Accessibility and ADA Compliance

Don’t let your B&B or Hotel get sued because your website isn’t ADA compliant.

Beyond the Free Stuff: Smart Advertising for Innkeepers

Google AdWords, retargeting, and Facebook Ad Strategies for More Direct Bookings

2018 Marketing Trends & Direct Bookings Checklist

Get more direct bookings! We clearly explain the key online marketing trends you need to know .

Social Media Strategy for Innkeepers

Social media can be a powerful tool for connecting with existing and potential guests.

Tags & Meta Descriptions

How to Optimize Title Tags & Meta Descriptions

Learn more about how optimizing your title tags & meta descriptions can benefit your B & B website.

10 Ways to Drive Direct Bookings

In this short video we will dive into 10 different strategies and tactics to drive more direct reservations.